Implementing and Standardizing Substance Use Disorder Curricula in Family Medicine Residency Programs

Bringing standardized SUD education and training to New Jersey Family Medicine residency programs

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This two-year initiative is funded by SAMHSA, the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. NJAFP and NJSAM will develop a comprehensive, standardized substance use disorder curriculum to be implemented in at least 20 family medicine residency program sites in New Jersey.

In Year 1, participating family medicine programs in NJ will commit to implementing all or parts of the curriculum to supplement existing programming. NJAFP and NJSAM will produce slide decks plus live and online, on-demand programming to support the curriculum. We will provide a smart-phone based screening tool, which will be a great tool for busy primary care practices. The screening tool is designed to track utilization and helps practices monitor scores overall.

In Year 2, programs must commit to testing residents on the curriculum. NJAFP is working with the NJ Society of Addiction Medicine and the NJ Department of Health and Human Services. We are communicating with stakeholders to ensure we create a curriculum that complements – not competes with – what NJ is already doing.

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