COVID-19 Vaccine Information for NJ Health Care Providers and Practices Interested in Administering the Vaccine


COVID-19 vaccines are available now in New Jersey for certain qualified recipients, including healthcare workers and staff. Where can healthcare personnel get vaccinated?

New Jersey is developing an extensive network of vaccination sites that will be open to all healthcare workers. By early January, the vaccination sites network will include acute care hospitals, large state coordinated mega sites, county/local sites, retail pharmacies and other medical locations.

At this time NJDOH is not able to arrange for all groups to receive distributions directly, so healthcare personnel may need to go off-site to be vaccinated. Hospital workers and volunteers will have an opportunity to receive the vaccine at the hospital where they work or volunteer. All other healthcare workers and volunteers, including those outside of hospitals and long-term care, will be able to receive the vaccine through other vaccination sites at pharmacies, urgent care centers, federally qualified health centers, hospitals, local health departments, other state- and county-run sites, and other medical clinics.

Click below to view locations available for healthcare workers to make an appointment to receive a vaccine:


Practices interested in eventually offering and administering the COVID-19 vaccine to your patients need to be registered with NJIIS.


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Tracy Brobyn, MD had been practicing family medicine for more than two decades when she could no longer ignore the clinical elephant in the room. Like most family physicians, patients would come to her for a myriad of issues – many of which could be addressed with traditional medicine. However, a host of conditions, such as chronic pain, fatigue, atypical neuropathy and insomnia, seemed to remain a mystery even after exhausting the usual treatments.

Adity Bhattacharyya, MD, FAAFP

To some, being a family physician might seem like the easy choice, but Adity Bhattacharyya, MD, FAAFP, chose the field because she knew it was exactly the opposite. “I view myself as a puzzle solver,” she says. “I would never want to be restricted to just one thing, and that is why family medicine appealed to me.” She views the work she does as a puzzle that needs to be solved.

Michael Cascarina, MD

Like many family physicians, Dr. Cascarina treats patients of all ages – newborns to seniors – and has patients with two, three or even four generations of family members coming to the practice. The self-described “crazy happy guy” has built a thriving privately owned, three-physician practice in Brick that enables Dr. Cascarina to practice medicine the way he enjoys – treating patients in a caring environment while developing strong bonds.