NJAFP-PAC: The political action arm of NJAFP


The New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians Political Action Committee (NJAFP-PAC), established in 1997, is the political action arm of the NJAFP. The purpose of the NJAFP-PAC is to allow the NJAFP to financially support state lawmakers who understand the need to have an environment where family physicians can provide quality care for their patients and be appropriately recognized and reimbursed for that care.

The NJAFP remains committed to its mission to advocate for family medicine through its participation in the political process with or without political contributions. NJAFP-PAC money does not buy support, but it does give NJAFP member's additional opportunities to ensure family physicians' interests are being effectively addressed at the state level.


NJAFP-PAC funds will only be utilized to support the governmental affairs goals identified by the NJAFP Board and Governmental Affairs Committee for the upcoming year, including: ensuring that primary care is adequately valued through meaningful delivery and payment reform, ensuring an adequate supply of family physicians to meet the needs of the citizens of New Jersey today and in the future, and improving the practice environment for family physicians through the elimination of unnecessary and redundant administrative burden.

Your choice to participate in the NJAFP-PAC is greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind that contributions may be personal or through your practice, depending upon on its organizational structure.

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For more information contact Claudine Leone, NJAFP Government Affairs Director at claudine@njafp.org