Call for Poster Abstracts - 2024 Annual Meeting — NOW CLOSED

The New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians call for poster abstracts for the NJAFP 2024 Annual Meeting is now closed. Accepted abstracts authors will be notified by April 12 and invited to submit.  Posters will be judged by an expert panel and awarded monetary prizes for first place in each of the categories below:

  • Research – Summarize the results of a well-defined basic or clinical research project, including a hypothesis, dependent and independent variables, tests for measures of association, succinct discussion of data, etc. All work should be original. Projects may involve observational or interventional studies.
  • Clinical Inquiry/Vignette – Present a clinical scenario with discussion of an actual patient presentation or review current evidence-based recommendations for a clinical topic. A clinical case presentation must include an introduction, case description, and discussion of current practice guidelines for management of the patient. An evidence-based review need not be based on an actual patient presentation but must provide a systematic review of the current best research evidence to answer a clinical question. The presentation should provide an evidence-based answer on a topic relevant to family medicine in common everyday practice and include an evidence summary, recommendations from others, and clinical commentary.
  • Quality Improvement-Patient Safety Submissions can report on efforts to improve patient safety or outcomes measurement. Such efforts may be projects developed and initiated to promote patient safety and/or processes that have improved or created a safer environment for patients. Abstracts may also be submitted that relate to the use of outcome data, how to measure and convert data into information.

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    Poster Abstract Submission Instructions

    Submission Guidelines

    • The research must be of interest and educational value to family medicine and be conducted by an NJAFP Family Medicine resident or a New Jersey medical student.
    • Original work that has been completed in the past 2 years is eligible for submission.
    • Works that have been published prior to the 2024 Annual Meeting are not eligible.
    • All projects must be completed at time of application.
    • Entries may not be taken from previously published papers.
    • Submissions must meet the requirements of the applicant's local institutional review board (approval or waiver), if applicable.
    • Be prepared to provide a 50-word description of your poster. Do not cut/paste the entire abstract into this field. This is your poster “elevator speech.” Include title and all authors (does not count toward 50 words).

    Abstract & Poster Guidelines

    Abstracts are limited to 500 words and should include:

    1. Background and Hypothesis
    2. Design, Subjects, Setting
    3. Methods/Scientific Merit
    4. Results
    5. Discussion (include summary, study limitations, relevance to family medicine and conclusions)
    • Abstracts do not require references.
    • Commercial product names are not permitted in poster content. Use only generic names of drugs and other products. The first use of the generic name on the poster may be marked by an asterisk with the brand name footnoted in type not exceeding 1/4 inch high. Give equal emphasis to all generic names of competitive products, ex: font height, weight, color, and/or typeface. Company logos may not be used in any part of the poster.
    • If you disclosed financial support, you must include a credit line as a footnote in type not exceeding ¼ inch high. The footnote must read "Financial support for this poster was provided by (supporting company)."

    Disclosure of Financial Support

    Any financial support must be indicated on the disclosure form. AAFP requires all authors to submit a disclosure form at the time of submission. Failure to disclose financial support will result in the submission being rejected or the poster being disqualified.

    Submission Steps

    1. Each author must submit a conflict-of-interest disclosure form by CLICKING HERE.
    2. Once disclosure forms are submitted by all authors, the primary or secondary author submits the abstract by  CLICKING HERE.

    NOTE: The primary author is responsible for ensuring that all authors submit a disclosure form.

    Abstract Submission Deadline

    Abstract Submission Deadline has passed.

    Selection Criteria and Review Process

    Selection for poster presentation at the 2024 Annual Meeting is based on the following criteria:

    All categories

      • Value/Applicability to Family Medicine
      • References (reference page may be in addition)

    Research and Quality Improvement

      • Project description
      • Objectives/purpose
      • Methodology
      • Presenters’ role in project
      • Results
      • Conclusions/discussion

    Clinical Inquiry/Vignette 

      • Introduction
      • Case description
      • Discussion of practice guidelines
      • Conclusions/discussion

    Poster Contest

    If your abstract is accepted for poster presentation:

    • The primary author will be notified of acceptance for presentation via email by Friday, April 12, 2024
    • All accepted poster presenters are required to register for the conference and pay the applicable registration fee. Please advise co-presenters of this policy. You can register for the meeting by  CLICKING HERE.
    • The first and/or second author must attend the 2024 Annual Meeting to:
      • Set up your poster by 6pm, Friday, May 3rd
      • Present your poster for judging on Saturday, May 4th during the morning break and lunch:
        • have your poster “elevator speech” ready and be prepared to answer questions from judges
        • the poster contest is eligible for CME credit so expect conference attendees during lunch
        • remove your poster by 3pm Saturday (posters not removed will be discarded)

    The poster should include the title of the presentation and the names of the authors. Lettering should be easily legible from about 3 feet. You are responsible for printing your poster. Please note, this year we will not be using the 4’x 8’ poster boards. Your poster should fit on a 3’ x 4’ foam core board without too much overlap for viewing purposes. NJAFP will provide binder clips, push pins, and a foam core board on an easel. Your poster should be prepared on heavyweight paper or lightweight cardboard, so it can be easily attached to the foam core or propped up on the easel.

    Ethical Considerations

    Poster content must be up-to-date and presented in an ethical manner. Comparisons of efficacy, contraindications, modes of administration, etc. between competitive products shall be fully presented. Editorial conclusions should be made with ethical restraint. If the poster deals with a pharmaceutical product, medical device or any product that is sold on the open market, the content of the poster must not be promotional. No application will be accepted if it is determined that the purpose, findings, and/or conclusions are promotional in nature. If applicable, please provide a copy of your letter of approval from your Institutional Review Board (IRB), confirming that you have designed your project so as to protect the rights and welfare of your research subjects.

    Judging and Prizes

    Posters will be judged on the following criteria:

    • Originality
    • Quality and clarity
    • Organization
    • Creativity of presentation
    • Scientific merit
    • Relevance to family medicine

    The following prizes will be awarded:

    • $150 for 1st prize in Clinical Inquiry/Vignette category
    • $150 for 1st prize in Research category
    • $150 for 1st prize in Quality Improvement/Patient Safety category

    Winners are announced at the new Awards Celebration on Saturday evening (additional registration and fee). You do not have to attend the Celebration to win.


    If you have any questions, please contact Tyger Haines at