NJAFP Prediabetes Screening Program

Imagine… your patients completing risk screenings without a clipboard and stack of papers!

Imagine… having risk screening results electronically for both in-person and telemedicine visits!

NJAFP is conducting a program with practices interested in testing a mobile-friendly app for patients to complete routine risk screenings, including prediabetes and others. No more paper!

How does the program work?

A link connects to the app. Share the link with your patients prior to or during a visit (or through your social media outlets!) and they access the screening tool on their own phone or tablet – no touching shared devices and nothing for your staff to clean. The app takes patients through risk screening questions for prediabetes, gestational diabetes, depression, PTSD, suicide, general anxiety (GAD-2), CAGE-AID, urinary incontinence, fall, PCF Prostate Awareness, targeted lupus and optional Medicare Annual Wellness Questions. A secure, HIPAA-compliant email is delivered to your practice for entry into the patient’s medical record. That’s it!

Preview or test the screening app here (demo only): https://app.drhealthbot.com/

What are the requirements for participation?

Very little is required – first, enroll using the steps below. NJAFP is working with Universal Health Screener – the app developer – and will provide you and your staff with everything you need to get started including materials to promote the link in your office, on websites and social media.  The program is funded in support of diabetes screening and participating practices will be requested to enter the numeric “score” generated for prediabetes risk into their electronic medical record. NJAFP and Universal Health Screener will assist at no cost to you.

How long is the program?

Use of the app can be implemented within a week and can be integrated into your practice’s ongoing quality improvement program(s). NJAFP will provide support for the first 3 – 6 months.

How is HIPAA compliance and confidentiality ensured?

Information is entered and transmitted using encrypted HTTPS web interfaces and is not stored on the user device. The data is encrypted in transit using a third-party email service. Authentication requires an email address with the email service that is provided by the health care provider. A complex password is also required for authentication. After entry is completed by the patient, two things occur. First, de-identified screening results are received by the app server without any links to identifiable patient information. Second, the identifiable patient results are transmitted directly to the health care provider in a HIPAA-compliant, secure email; the app developer does not receive a copy of this secure email. The app servers do not store protected health information (PHI) nor do app personnel have access to PHI.

How do I enroll?

  1. Provide the name of how your practice should appear in the app. Your patients will select this name from a dropdown list to send their screening results to you.
  2. Select a primary point of contact for your practice.
  3. Determine the email address where screening results will be sent. This can be the primary contact or another email address (or both).
  4. Send the info from steps 1-3 to: sselzer@njafp.org

NJAFP will confirm your enrollment and send an email with next steps.

Questions? Contact Sandi Selzer

sselzer@njafp.org or 609-362-6502