Trenton, NJ - Earlier today in his State of the State Address, Governor Murphy announced the formation of the Office of Health Care Accountability and Transparency, which will be tasked with working across state agencies and leading critical efforts to reduce consumer health care costs, make insurance more affordable, and improve price transparency.

The New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians commends the Governor on this important effort and we, with our primary care specialty colleagues, look forward to collaborating with the Office of Health Care Accountability and Transparency to work toward greater investment in primary care in New Jersey.

Investment in primary care is associated with lower costs, higher patient satisfaction, fewer hospitalizations and emergency department visits, and lower mortality. Despite current high levels of health care spending in New Jersey, the proportion spent on primary care compared to total health care spending is insufficient and below the national average. A shift in resources to support greater access to comprehensive, coordinated primary care is imperative to achieving a stronger, higher-performing health care system.

Ray Saputelli, MBA, CAE
Executive Vice President
New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians

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