Quality Institute Guide to Telehealth in NJ: Patient Access to Telehealth Services in NJ during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Click to Download Telehealth GuideAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues, telehealth is quickly becoming the most widely used option for patients across the state to receive care. In fact, many health care providers who previously did not perform telehealth visits with their patients are now swiftly adopting virtual visit options, in order to safely see as many people as possible during the pandemic.

Patients are encouraged to use telehealth for visits when possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual health
care visits:

  • Allow patients to access care for many conditions without leaving their home and risking exposure
  • Help keep patients out of the emergency department
  • Protect health care providers by reducing their exposure
  • Reduce the potential of COVID-19 spreading through communities

View the NJHCQI Telehealth Resource Guide

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