COVID Vaccine Information for NJ Health Care Providers and Practices Interested in Administering the Vaccine

Getting the Vaccine:

New Jersey is developing an extensive network of vaccination sites that will be open to all healthcare workers. By early January, the vaccination sites network will include acute care hospitals, large state coordinated mega sites, county/local sites, retail pharmacies and other medical locations.

At this time NJDOH is not able to arrange for all groups to receive distributions directly, so healthcare personnel may need to go off-site to be vaccinated. Hospital workers and volunteers will have an opportunity to receive the vaccine at the hospital where they work or volunteer. All other healthcare workers and volunteers, including those outside of hospitals and long-term care, will be able to receive the vaccine through other vaccination sites at pharmacies, urgent care centers, federally qualified health centers, hospitals, local health departments, other state- and county-run sites, and other medical clinics.

Click below to view locations available for healthcare workers to make an appointment to receive a vaccine:

Click Here to Make an Appointment

Administer the Vaccine:

Practices interested in eventually offering and administering the COVID-19 vaccine to your patients need to be registered with NJIIS.

Information and Next Steps for Patients

Check out these “information and next steps” documents for patients who test positive and patients who test negative. Note that the quarantine period has been extended from 7 to 10 days because the virus sheds longer than originally thought. Use the links below or click here to find these documents.

  • Instructions for Persons Who Test Positive for COVID-19 [English] [Spanish]
  • Instructions for Persons Who Test Negative for COVID-19 [English] [Spanish]

Join our NJ Physician's Forum

Please join our NJ Physician's Forum, a secure place for New Jersey physicians to discuss, share and network as we face this rapidly evolving crisis.

It is our hope that this is a place where NJ physicians can share questions, problems, solutions, and ideas with one another to assist the primary care community in being unified in its response.

Feel free to start threads as you see fit – including sharing info on telehealth issues.

COVID-19 Maternal & Infant Outcomes Project

The Department of Health is working to reach out to healthcare providers that provide prenatal care in order to identify cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection during pregnancy in order to track maternal and infant outcomes. You can help.

Review the letter from NJDOH - CLICK HERE.

Complete the data collection form - CLICK HERE.

Updated Resources from Trusted Sources



National Maternal Health Awareness Day–1/23: This week we @NJDeptofHealth& @FirstLadyNJ are illustrating #NJ’s dedication to improving #MaternalHealth. Each day, we’ll be posting virtual events&resources. #QIMembers, we encourage you to spread this message &help get the word out.


Today, NJDOH is joining our local, state, and federal partners in highlighting Maternal Health Awareness Day!

Check out these events that highlight NJ’s dedication to improving maternal health.

See events here

January 23 is Maternal Health Awareness Day. Despite medical advances, the US maternal mortality rate has risen since the 1990s. This is an urgent health crisis. Watch this video & take action:
@FirstLadyNJ @NJDeptofHealth #healthypregnancy #NurtureNJ

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