Michael Cascarina, MD
Like many family physicians, Dr. Cascarina treats patients of all ages – newborns to seniors – and has patients with two, three or even four generations of family members coming to the practice. The self-described “crazy happy guy” has built a thriving privately owned, three-physician practice in Brick that enables Dr. Cascarina to practice medicine the way he enjoys – treating patients in a caring environment while developing strong bonds. Learn more about Dr. Cascarina.

Jennifer Caudle, DO
The path that led Jennifer Caudle, DO, a board-certified family physician, to family medicine was not a straight one, nor was it a conventional one. However, despite the twists and turns, Dr. Caudle’s experiences have led to a passion for medicine and health education. Learn more about Dr. Caudle.

Lauren V. Carruth, MD
Dr. Carruth enjoys family medicine because of the long-term aspect the practice provides. She can see entire families- children, parents, grandparents - and build relationships with each of her patients. Every day she treats patients with a broad spectrum of ailments and illnesses, all with the underlying goal of helping people when they need it, as well as providing preventative primary care to keep people healthy.  Learn more about Dr. Carruth.

Stephen Nurkizwicz, MD

Stephen Nurkiewicz, MD
The introduction of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2009 raised significant questions and caused nearly all physicians to wonder about the future of medicine. In response to the anticipated changes, Stephen Nurkiewicz, MD, a family physician with a solo practice in Hammonton, began investigating how to best maintain a financially viable practice while simultaneously providing his patients the best quality care and practicing the type of medicine that gave him personal satisfaction. Learn more about Dr. Nurkiewicz.

Photo_Zlotnick, MD

Jeff Zlotnick, MD. CAQ
In 2000, when Jeffrey Zlotnick, MD, CAQ was serving on the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians (NJAFP), the board received a phone call from Marc Edenzon, President and CEO of Special Olympics New Jersey (SONJ), requesting help. The organization was running into a problem getting athletes to complete their pre-participation physicals due to various barriers that are characteristic of the special needs population when it comes to accessing health care. Read more about Dr. Zlotnick.

Stephen Land, MD

Stephen Land, MD
When a patient is happy with a family physician, it is typically because of a good bedside manner, a caring and compassionate nature and the feeling that the patient’s concerns being heard.  Liz Thomas, 55, has been a patient of Stephen Land, MD, a family physician with Virtua Mount Laurel Family Physicians for more than 20 years for these very reasons. But 12 years ago, it wasn’t Dr. Land’s usual interest in what Liz had to say, but more importantly what he heard through his stethoscope, that ultimately saved Liz’s life. Learn more about Dr. Land.